I live right around the corner from Voyeur nightclub in West Hollywood, and my main exposure to the place has been in walking by, wondering, who are these people? There’s a sky high cover charge, a bouncer who seems ready to pounce even on passersby daring to look in and a threatening sign on its marquee saying, “No photos.”

Now someone at the Republican National Committee has charged almost $2,000 to the party for an outing at the club, notable for its bondage theme and women imitating lesbian sex. Michael Steele denies that it was him.

I’d be shocked and apalled at this were it not for my 85-year-old landlord. A few years ago I was having a conservation with her and the topic of this club came up. I complained that it was an eyesore, until she scolded me for being a fuddy duddy and said, “Those people are just having a good time.”

Hey, whatever works. This should be a boost for the club’s long term prospects.