The calendar of candidates swinging through L.A. is getting so populated over the next few weeks that some night have two and even three events competing against each other for Democratic donor attention. Last night it was Jack Conway, running for Senate in Kentucky, at the home of Steven and Dayna Bochco; tomorrow night it is Alexi Giannoulias, running for Barack Obama’s Illinois seat, at the home of Ken and Lissa Solomon. Raising money today was Robin Carnahan, running for an open Senate seat in Missouri.

No one has been more aggressive in raising money, and over a longer period of time, than Barbara Boxer. She anticipated a tough race — she was raising Hollywood money in earnest back in 2007, when it looked like Arnold Schwarzenegger may be eyeing her seat — and has collected more than $700,000 from industry sources, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

On Sunday, Sheryl Crow will perform for Boxer at a fund-raiser at the Beverly Hills home of Magic Johnson and his wife Cookie, with tickets starting at $250 per person. Co-chairs include Clarence and Jacqueline Avant, Rob Burkle and Sim and Debbie Farar.

Mindful that so many are maxed out to Boxer, Beverly Hills real estate agent Joyce Rey is hosting a fund raiser for Brave New Films’ “Unmasking the Real Carly Fiorina,” ostensibly to get it some airplay. During the 2008 campaign, Robert Greenwald produced a series of vids on John McCain called The Real McCain, but this video is an effort to argue that Fiorina is to the Tea Party right.