USC’s Norman Lear Center will unveil a study tomorrow that shows that L.A. local newscasts are obsessed with crime and celebrity.

That is certainly not a shocker. It’s been more than a generation since you could be guaranteed to get some information about what’s happening at City Hall.

But the study shows the extent to which local stations are ignoring local government: On average, the half-hour newscast contained just 22 seconds of local government coverage, compared to crime stories which generated an average of two minutes, 50 seconds. In fact, local government news was far surpassed by the teasers for what is next on the news, which took up an average of two minutes and 10 seconds.

FCC commissioner Michael Copps, who has decried the decline of local coverage in the face of consolidation, will join the Lear Center’s Martin Kaplan to unveil the study at USC.

The study was done by the Lear Center and sponsored by the Los Angeles Civic Alliance.