A group of prominent Democratic party fund-raisers and donors in Southern California send out an e-mail last night vowing to withhold support from House members who vote “No” on the healthcare reform bill on Sunday.

With the subject line, “Healthcare is Our Line in the Sand,” the email reads, in part:

“This is the time when every single Democrat in the House needs to stand behind the American people and behind our President and vote “YES” for healthcare. If they do not, our message is very simple —  we vote “NO” on supporting them if they come to Los Angeles or San Diego to raise funds. We are Democrats, and we believe being a Democrat should mean something.  If a “Democratic” Senator or Congressperson cannot support healthcare reform then we cannot and will not support them.”

The message is signed by a mix of Hollywood and Los Angeles fund-raisers, many of them prominent in raising money for candidates in the 2008 presidential race. Among them are Dayna Bochco, Beth Broderick, Laurie David, John Emerson, Jamie Lynton, Kelly Meyer, Cookie Parker, Eric Paquette, Ken Solomon and Sarah Timberman.

The full email after the jump.