Former New York Rep. Eric Massa’s appearance on Glenn Beck’s show had even Arianna Huffington sympathizing with the Fox News host.

Wal-Mart is carrying Michael Moore’s “Capitalism: A Love Story” DVD, even though the doc bashes Wal-Mart.

Rush Limbaugh says he’ll go to Costa Rica if healthcare reform passes. The country has a single payer system.

Update: Time’s Michael Scherer argues that Massa out-Becked Glenn Beck.

“Close watchers of Comedy Central’s fake news shows are familiar with
this method. The only way to deal successfully with a Stephen Colbert
interview, for instance, is to out-Colbert Stephen Colbert, giving up
any hint of earnestness and losing yourself in a cloud of irony and
sarcasm. The same can be said with Fox, where the currency is not
irony, but a sense of victimhood, combined with an aww-shucks,
I-have-nothing-to-hide, red-blooded American innocence. Massa did Beck
better than Beck, and he left Beck dumbfounded.”