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A campaign has probably had a bad day when it’s spending so much of it defending itself with document dumps to TMZ. Meg Whitman’s undocumented housekeeper, appearing with Gloria Allred, tearfully told of how she was mistreated by her former employer, right down to the day in 2009 when she got the boot for being too much of a political liability as an undocumented worker. Whitman immediately responded with documents showing that her housekeeper had presented herself as legal, as well as denials that Nicky Diaz Santillian was mistreated.

The she said, she said claims may not make much of a difference in the race — the household help has a way of tripping most politicos up — but it’s a signal that things could get much more ugly with less than five weeks to go. It was an unneeded distraction for Whitman, who is even or slightly behind Jerry Brown in the latest polls, and it also served to resurrect stories about a shoving incident at eBay in 2007 with ended with her reaching a settlement with one of her employees. His campaign easily could have avoided chiming in, but he released a statement calling the former maid’s story “compelling.”

Update: Calbuzz: “Finally, a political story TV can understand.”

Bill on the Trail: Bill Clinton will campaign with Brown and Gavin Newsom, candidate for lieutenant governor, on Oct. 15 at UCLA and on Oct. 17 at San Jose State University.

Duffy’s Ad: Former “Real World” star Sean Duffy, running as a Republican for Congress in Wisconsin, is out with a new ad spot featuring a lumberjack logrolling a career politician into a lake.

Hollywood’s Left: Pat Boone may have Tea partied in Beverly Hills, but there’s more proof that the entertainment industry’s political affinities really haven’t budged. The Huffington Post is out with its fund raising database that shows that 97% of those listing themselves as “actor” gave their money to Democrats, up from 94% in 2008. The level from musicians was 96% and from producers 92%.

On the Lobbying Front: Rep. Henry Waxman’s net neutrality bill is dead, and while a tough Senate anti-piracy measure has been softened a bit, Hollywood is making a big push to make sure it stays alive.

Arthur Penn: The famed director, who died on Tuesday, played a significant role in the presidential debates of 1960. He advised John F. Kennedy to respond to questions by looking directly in the camera, a tip that surely improved the candidates delivery.

Surprise, Surprise: The Daily Beast profiles activist/filmmaker David Bossie, the dirty trickster notorious for going after the Clinton in the 90s. He now acknowledges Clinton was more of a moderate than they feared but says Obama is “truly a radical,” and he’s ready and waiting if the GOP regains Congress and launches investigations.

Thursday Itinerary: Kamala Harris, running for California attorney general, raises money at the Regency Club in Westwood and later at the Hollywood nightclub Wonderland…The Atlantic Ideas Forum starts in Washington with featured speakers Rahm Emanuel, Elizabeth Edwards and Michael Bloomberg…B.o.B performs at the kickoff concert of the DNC’s Gen44 at DAR Constitution Hall followed by a speech by President Obama.

DADT Debut: Funny or Die spoofs opposition to Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell in its latest video.