Hanks Tom Hanks, promoting his miniseries “The Pacific,” is defending comment he made characterizing World War II as a war of “racism and terror” and comparing it to the war on terror. Bill O’Reilly said that he had “gone off the rails,’ and other conservative commentators also jumped on the comment. But Hanks says that it would be “naive to assume that racism was not part of the quotient” of World War II.

Hanks and Steven Spielberg screened part one of the HBO miniseries at the White House on Thursday, right.

Ari Emanuel says that he’s talked to President Obama about the need to implement a so-called “three-strikes” law to fight piracy, in which legal action can be taken against users after they are caught illegally downloading content three times, the Guardian reports.

Sony’s Michael Lynton is calling for healthier snacks in theaters, taking his cue from Bill Clinton and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s initiative to fight childhood obesity.

Photo: Pete Souza/White House