Sarah Palin told Jay Leno last night that she wishes the media would provide her opportunity to followup when she gets embroiled in one controversy or another.

When Leno asked her for examples, she cited the “lame episode of ‘The Family Guy,'” in which a character with Down Syndrome talks of having a mother who was governor of Alaska. Two days after it aired, Palin, whose son Trig, who has Down Syndrome, objected to the reference and posted on Facebook that the show’s reference was “like a kick in the gut.” Afterward, the woman who voiced the Family Guy character, Andrea Fay Friedman, told the New York Times that she objected to Palin’s interpretation, further escalating the story.

Today, the New York Times’ David Itzkoff writes that they did reach out to Palin for her comment — followup if you will — but “neither her press representative nor her political action committee replied to requests.”

I was bothered by the “Family Guy” episode, with full knowledge that that is what the show does: Provoke. (Others apparently agree). But Palin also could have turned to Facebook or Twitter. As I wrote last night, it was an odd comment for Palin to make given that just about anything she writes on Facebook gets picked up and analyzed in the media, and certainly this would qualify, and she also has her platform at Fox News. Perhaps the only equal response would be a cameo on “Family Guy” itself.