The Senate fails to bring a Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell repeal to the floor.

Aubrey Sarvis, executive director of the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, says, ““Today’s Senate vote was a frustrating blow to repeal this horrible law.  We lost because of the political maneuvering dictated by the mid-term elections.  Let’s be clear: Opponents to repealing ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ did not have the votes to strike those provisions from the bill.  Instead, they had the votes for delay.  Time is the enemy here.   We now have no choice but to look to the lame duck session where we’ll have a slim shot. The Senate absolutely must schedule a vote in December when cooler heads and common sense are more likely to prevail once midterm elections are behind us.’”

Chad Griffin of the American Foundation for Equal Rights, said, “our constitution requires that every American is treated equally under the law and by our government. It is shameful that Congress did not act accordingly.”

David Mixner, via Facebook: “The President’s lack of Action is pushing DADT compromise is appalling. He is totally MIA and sitting this one out. Remember, this is just a compromise and not total repeal and he isn’t even pushing it.”

Lady Gaga’s lobbying fell short, but former White House adviser Richard Socarides told Keith Olbermann on Monday night: We’ve found our fierce advocate.

ESPN columnist LZ Granderson calls her a “one person Tea Party” who can even outshine President Obama, but he wonders whether she is just preaching to the choir.

Other reactions: Kathy Griffin: “Crestfallen.” Jane Fonda: “Awfulness.” Al Franken chokes up, relating a USO tour in which, through humor, challenged Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and met gay soldiers.

John McCain, who led the filibuster effort, sparred with reporters, including the Advocate’s Kerry Eleveld, afterward.