President Obama’s visit to Los Angeles on April 19, raising money for the Democratic National Committee and Sen. Barbara Boxer’s campaign, will include a variety of different tiers, ranging from a $250-per-person general reception at the California Science Center to a $35,200-per-couple dinner at the Natural History Museum.

Donors are boosted by the recent passage of healthcare reform, after plenty of fear and loathing in the past few months over the midterms. Nevertheless, that there is a $250 price point is probably a reflection of the economic realities, and concerns that Obama not appear solely at a high-dollar function in the midst of a bleak job market.

According to invites that went out this week, the most intimate event will be the $35,200-per-couple dinner, which will seat up to 160 people.

Reception tickets are priced at $2,500-per-person, which also includes a special VIP reception. The general reception prices are $500-per-person to get a preferred seating section, and $250-per-person for the general admission.

The invite explains how the money will be allocated: The first $4,800 of each contribution will go to Boxer’s campaign, and the next $30,400 will go to the Democratic National Committee.