One of Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown’s bigger political challenges is that he has to run for re-election in 2012, in a state that presumably will still be heavily Democratic, if not still heavily liberal.

So now there is a campaign afoot — via Facebook — to recruit Rachel Maddow into the race. She’s expected to address this on her show tonight, but Brown is using the prospect to raise money. He’s charging that it is the state Democrats, not just Maddow fans, who are trying to get her in the race.

Brown casts himself as an “independent voice” in contrast to Maddow’s “far-left” politics.

Update: Maddow booked herself as a guest on her MSNBC show on Tuesday, with her producer taking over hosting duties, to declare the story “made up.” “Why didn’t they just call and ask me if it was true before sending out a fund-raising letter?” Maddow says. She also says the Facebook page was set up by her friend as a joke. “The fear of Rachel Maddow is what he is raising money on in Massachusetts,” she says, giggling a bit.

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