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Sarah Palin came to “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” loaded with one-liners, including her plans to speak at an NRA convention: “Be there or else,” she quipped, part of a bit where she tried her hand at doing a monologue.

Her appearance was a mix of folksy wit and White House barbs, including a dig that the healthcare plan is like acrobatic flips done on a snowboard. She also joked that she’ll be playing Tina Fey in Vegas.

Palin also quipped that Alaska was so cold it’s five degrees below Congress’ approval rating.

During the Q&A with Leno, Palin riffed on writing crib notes on her hands, a practice she says she learned from her father, and she vowed to keep doing it “just to get the left” wing. She compared her experience with the media to that of Leno’s the past month, as he has faced negative publicity from the departure of Conan O’Brien. 

Palin said that she wants “build some trust back in the media.”

“I think the mainstream media is quite broken, and I think there needs to be the fairness, the balance in there, that is why I joined Fox.”

When Leno pointed out that he makes a point of watching both Fox and MSNBC, to get a sampling a views even he may not agree with, she said that her objection was when “opinion is interjected in hard news stories.”

Far from wanting to shun the media, Palin suggested that she’d like more airtime. She cited her criticism of a recent episode of Fox’s “Family Guy,” when a special needs character makes reference to her. “What I would desire is more opportunity to follow up on a comment,” she said. Palin, however, does frequently take to Facebook, and gets quite a bit of publicity for the comments she posts there.

In contrast to Mitt Romney, who told David Letterman that he thinks the tea party movement will help Republicans, Palin was not so sure. She called it a “beautiful movement,” but said, “I think it would draw more from the Republican base.”

Here’s a short clip of Palin’s effort to do a monologue.