Skidoo_Jackie_Gleason The New York Times’ Dave Itzkoff goes further into detail on what inspired Florida Gov. Charlie Crist to seek a pardon for Jim Morrison, noting that the action seems to have ignited a new squirmish in the culture wars.

But what stands out in this story is a reminder of the furor at Morrison for allegedly exposing himself onstage at a 1969 Miami concert.

Itzkoff writes, “In the ensuing outrage, several other nearby Doors concerts were canceled. On March 23, the Orange Bowl became the scene of a Rally for Decency, organized by local high school students. Some 30,000 teenagers and adults gathered for performances and speeches on virtue by Jackie Gleason, Anita Bryant and the Lettermen. (President Richard M. Nixon later wrote a letter to the rally’s organizers saying they had shown “admirable initiative.”)”

“Longhaireds” were banned.

Jackie Gleason?!

He reportedly told the crowd, “I believe this kind of movement will snowball across the United States and perhaps around the world.”

Update: Crist talked to Lawrence O’Donnell this evening for his reasons for considering a pardon for Morrison.


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