Jerry Brown’s campaign released its first 30-second spot this morning, which starts with footage of his first gubernatorial tenure in the 1970s and then defends his leadership in creating jobs and cutting waste. It says that he has the “knowledge and know-how” to return to the governor’s office. The spot in many ways is a defense of his tenure, defying rival Meg Whitman’s attacks that he’s merely a career politician who’ll bring little change to the way the state runs. Brown also pledges “no new taxes without voter approval.”

Whitman’s campaign responds with this statement: “After 40 years in politics protecting the status quo, it’s no surprise that Jerry Brown is kicking off his campaign with a misleading historic renovation of his own record. After 8 years as governor, he left California with 11% unemployment, 1.3 million people were unemployed and the state faced a $1 billion deficit. He left the state ‘flat broke and flirting with bankruptcy.’ Jerry Brown is the last person we can trust for ‘major change’ in Sacramento.”