Jerry Brown announced his candidacy for governor — the post he last held more than a generation ago — in a Web video posted to his site.

His tone is energetic — older, but the same Jerry that led a counter-campaign to Bill Clinton in 1992 — and the pitch is that he’s got an “insider’s knowledge with an outsider’s mind.” He’s running against Sacramento even though he’s part of it. One of his big arguments against Meg Whitman is that, as much as she argues she’s an outsider who will bring fresh ideas to a broken state government, “we’ve tried that and it doesn’t work.” That was an apparent dig at Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has been praiseworthy of Brown. Perhaps the calculation is that an endorsement from Arnold really doesn’t mean much given his low approval ratings.

Here’s the vid…

Brown also makes a “no new taxes” pledge, unless the public votes for them. The California Republic Party quickly issued a statement on Brown’s announcement: “Which Jerry Brown are the voters going to see this time? The slippery attorney general who stonewalled an ACORN investigation and ignored his own spokesman’s outrageous lack of ethics? The career politician who would rather rent the office he aspired to than own the job he was hired to do? Or the failed governor who massively expanded state government and set in motion the disasterous policies that have put California on the brink of collapse?”

Meg Whitman’s campaign has greeted Brown’s entrance with “A Voter’s Guide to Jerry Brown.”