Apparently Democrats are fretting (what’s new?) about all that can go wrong with Jon Stewart’s Oct. 30 Rally to Restore Sanity. It’s the weekend before the election, when get-out-the-vote efforts are critical. There’s another rally on Oct. 2 that is serious serious, instead of satirically serious. But there’s also the prospect that come late October, the party’s message will be just as muddled as it is today, and the media coverage by then will be something on the order of Can Jon Stewart Save the Democrats?

All of this will be answered by Stewart himself on that day: Chill out.

That said, the event will be a balancing act for Stewart, who will have to actually be funny yet not be frivolous, somewhat sanctimonious without the smugness. In fact, I’d say the biggest risk for Stewart is that he actually goes the route that he did with James Cramer, a takedown interview that crossed the line into seriousness. I’d say that even more important than turnout to the event is that there is memorable humor, for that will be the key to highlighting the absurdities of the hollering classes if there is hope of garnering the attention of independents and undecideds.

Last night, Stewart interviewed Jimmy Carter, who seemed to yearn to go to the event himself.

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