Movie theaters across California will soon see the type of issue-based ads that have been pervasive on TV and the Internet.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is launching a new campaign this week for legal reform, or what they characterize as lawsuit abuse. Today they are unveiling a Harris Interactive survey showing California among the five worst states for “legal fairness.” Specifically, they say that state judges are willing to certify class action lawsuits that are not certifiable in other states, and that out-of-state law firms have opened offices in California to file asbestos claims that would have been barred in their home states. The message: businesses are less likely to move to California because of fears they will be sued.

We’ll see if the campaign, called “Jobs Not Lawsuits,” is matched by trial lawyer and consumer groups, but it does signal a new battleground for issue advertising. The Chamber, through its Institute for Legal Reform, is running the trailer on 250 screens in California. Similar trailers have run in D.C. and other states since last year. A sample trailer is below.