Bill Maher writes in a special Variety essay that conservatives, prone to aiming their fire at Hollywood on Oscar weekend, should stop griping about industry liberals, and “one of the few industries in America that still makes something people all over the world want to buy.”

He writes, “Republicans say they hate celebrities who get involved with
politics, but you would too if the best celebrities on your side were
Chuck Norris and Bo Derek. I’m not saying no one cares about their
stars, but if Stephen Baldwin killed himself and Craig T. Nelson with a
car bomb, the headline the next day would be”Two Die in Car Bombing.”

truth is that the vast majority of Hollywood talent are liberals,
because most stars adhere to an ideology that jibes with their core
principles of taking drugs and getting laid. The liberal stars that the
right are always demonizing — Sean Penn and Michael Moore, Streisand
and Alec Baldwin and Tim Robbins, and all the other members of my
biweekly cocaine orgy — they’re just people with opinions. None of
them hold elective office or are trying to, and liberals aren’t begging
them to run. Because we live in the real world, where actors do acting,
and politicians do… nothing. But conservatives are like children;
they see an actor on TV and think he’s really that guy. Fred Thompson
plays a stern judge with a folksy charm — that guy should be president!”