SANY0023 Entertainer Pat Boone led a Tea Party rally in Beverly Hills — a first, apparent in the mix of the designer dressed and patriotically attired — with about 350 to 400 people in sweltering heat. A bagpiper played “God Bless America,” a 10-year-old sang the National Anthem and an actor performed as Patrick Henry, while Boone wrote and performed a song he wrote for the occasion, “I am an American.” “I think we have had enough of career politicians. They go there, they set up camp and then everything is designed to stay there as long as they live on our dime,” he said. Boone has long been involved in social conservative politics, and there was some mention of preserving “traditional” values and families, the emphasis was on government debt, bailouts and taxes.

More here. Also speaking were Andrew Breitbart and Victoria Jackson.