Von Trier’s ‘Melancholia’ adds partners

Slot, Memfis, Trollhattan to co-produce

MADRID — France’s Slot Machine, Germany’s Zentropa Intl. Koln, and Sweden’s Memfis Film Intl. and Trollhattan Film will co-produce Lars von Trier’s upcoming “Melancholia.”

Lead-produced by Denmark’s Zentropa Ent., “Melancholia” has also pulled down coin from pubcaster film division Arte France Cinema. Liberator Prods., Zentropa’s Paris rights company, will co-produce out of France with Slot.

Slot, Zentropa Koln, Memfis and Trollhatten co-produced Von Trier’s latest, “Antichrist.” Slot Machine’s founder Marianne Slot’s Von Trier relationship dates back to working on the French distribution of “Epidemic” in 1988.

With five regular co-producers on board, plus Arte coin, the pieces are rapidly falling into place for “Melancholia,” a contempo psychological drama come end-of-the-world disaster movie.

Budgeted at Euros5.5 million-Euros6.5 million ($7.5 million-$8.8 million), depending on key cast, the English-language “Melancholia” rolls in Sweden July to August, to make use of Swedish summer light, said Zentropa chief finance officer Peter Garde.

Zentropa aims to tap Eurimages coin, said Garde. Key cast has yet to be tied down, he added.

“Melancholia” will be produced by longtime Von Trier producer Meta Foldager and Louise Vesth (“Zoomers,” “Crying for Love”).

Though Von Trier has not revealed plot details, key art released on the Internet by Zentropa suggests “Melancholia’s” apocalypse is caused by the earth’s collision with another planet.