Swedish helmer passes away

Holdoff directed 'Life's Just Great'

STOCKHOLM — Swedish helmer Janne Halldoff died July 23 in Stockholm of cancer. He was 71.

In the ’60s and the ’70s, Halldoff was one of Sweden’s most prolific filmmakers, having made his debut with “The D.T.s” in 1966. His second film, “Life’s Just Great,” was in competition in Berlin in 1967. He made several films that managed to be commercial hits while making political comments, as with his 1968 breakthrough “The Corridor,” which was a strong statement about the conditions in Swedish hospitals. Halldoff also scored at the box office with “The Office Party” and a film version of Swedish cult novel “Jack.”

Critically his most well-received film was 1974 drama “The Great Adventure,” which won two Golden Bugs. After that the director who’d had his pulse on country’s youth fell out of sync with the zeitgeist. His last film, 1982’s “The Score,” was a disappointment and was cited as one of the reasons for production company Europa Film’s bankruptcy.

Halldoff turned to work for some Stockholm-based theater schools.

Survivors include his wife, Kerstin.