Perro Verde, Notro march with ‘Heroes’

Miniseries looks at Madrid train bombings

MADRID — Manuel Cristobal’s Perro Verde is linking to Notro TV to produce “Heroes de marzo” (March Heroes), a miniseries on Spain’s March 11, 2004 terrorist train bombings.

The six-episode miniseries focuses on 36 hours in the life of unspoken heroes — such as Madrid’s emergency services — which played a central role after the biggest terrorist attack to date in Europe, which left 191 dead.

TV screenwriter Gonzalo Visedo penned the script. Visedo already wrote and directed the short “La Mirada de los inocentes,” part of the 2004 omnibus documentary “Madrid 11M: Todos ibamos en ese tren,” which inspired “Heroes.”

It continues Spain’s new tradition in event minis, recasting true events in Spain’s often dramatic recent past.

Series marks the entry into TV production of Galicia-based animation house Perro Verde, which teamed with Antonio Banderas’ Kandor Moon to produce the 2008 Spanish toonpic “Missing Lynx.” Move shows once more that the barriers between film and TV fiction are increasingly becoming blurred.

” ‘Heroes’ is a bet on quality fiction in a large format. It’s always said that Spanish TV production must go one step beyond its traditional, often successful TV dramas, which already dominate schedules. ‘Heroes’ points in this direction,” said Cristobal.

The producer of Antena 3 hit drama “Doctor Mateo,” an adaptation of ITV’s “Doc Martin,” Notro TV brings to the table its know-how as a TV producer, plus a close relationship with Spanish TV broadcasters. Notro is now negotiating their involvement in the project.

“This type of project has a place in the international marketplace because it turns on an event that is completely known to the whole of the world,” Cristobal added.

“Heroes” will be ready for delivery by 2011. A TV fiction director will be attached soon.