Mexico’s Academy of Film Arts and Sciences has chosen Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s “Biutiful” as its candidate for a nomination in the foreign language category of the Oscars.

Oscar buzz has been growing around the pic since topper Javier Bardem won actor honors at Cannes in May.

Inarritu is the only Mexican ever nominated for best director at the Oscars in 2007 for “Babel,” which was also in the running for film. His “Amores perros” vied for foreign language Oscar in 2001.

“Biutiful” will preem in Mexico next month in the Morelia Film Festival.

The Academy also announced its choice for Spain’s Goya film awards — Luis Estrada’s narco drama “El infierno.”

The darkly humorous pic has had a strong showing at the box office with a four-week running total of 48 million pesos ($3.8 million) on a C rating, equivalent to an R or NC-17 in the U.S.

With this latest edition, Mexico’s Academy widened the voting pool for the first time to all 625 members.

Last year’s system only allowed 25 members to vote and, of those, none were allowed to be producers.