TOKYO — Multiplex operator Kadokawa Cineplex has launched a project to beam theatrical events live to its cinemas.

Kadokawa, which is partnering with Kyushu University, Takarazuka Creative Arts and NTT West Japan, said the aim was to create a high-quality “you are there” visual and aural experience for auds.

The team’s first test of its system will be a perf on Sept. 10 of the Takarazuka theater troupe’s Snow unit at its theater in Tokyo. Kadokawa’s Cineplex Makuhari site in Chiba City will present the perf live to auds.

To enhance the listening and viewing experience, the system uses acoustic instrumentation technology developed by Kyushu U. to digitalize sound repercussions, as well as NTT transmission technology that compresses and transmits images without deterioration. By the end of March 2011, the team plans to move beyond the beta version to a fully operational system with a high level of audio and visual presence.

A member of Kadokawa media group, Kadokawa Cineplex operates 12 sites throughout Japan.

Located in Fukuoka on the southern main island of Kyushu, Kyushu U. is one of Japan’s leading universities.

Takarazuka Creative Arts is the software production and distribution arm of the Takarazuka all-women theatrical troupe, whose glitzy musical stagings have a large and fervent nationwide fan base.

NTT West is a teleco serving Western Japan.