Eizo Kyoto, a production outfit based in Japan’s ancient capital of Kyoto, closed on Tuesday after 38 years in business.

Longtime Kyoto Eizo chief Yoshinobu Nishioka, 88, decided to retire and dissolve the unit.

Shingle was born out of the 1971 bankruptcy of the Daiei Studio, which left 92 employees, including helmer Kenji Misumi, cameraman Kazuo Miyagawa and thesp Shintaro Katsu, out of work.

Helmer Kon Ichikawa suggested that they form their own unit and hire out to TV and pic productions. They set up Eizo Kyoto in February 1972.

The company provided production services, including lighting, set design and line production, to major studios such as Toho, Shochiku and Toei, as well as indie pioneer Art Theater Guild.

Ten years ago Kyoto Eizo began hiring college graduates to replace aging members of the original cohort. At the time of its closure, the company numbered 60 staffers.

Kyoto Eizo’s last pic is “The Last Chushingura,” a samurai drama Warner has skedded for a Dec. 18 bow.