BARCELONA — Mateo Gil’s “Blackthorn” and Andres Wood’s “Violeta se fue a los cielos” are among 43 co-productions to receive coin from Ibermedia.

A Madrid-based, multi-million dollar pan-regional film fund, Ibermedia targets movies from Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

“Violeta,” helmed by Chile’s Wood (“Machuca”), profiles Chile’s best-known folk singer, Violeta Parra. Starring Francisca Gavilan, feature is produced by Wood and Argentina’s Maiz Producciones. Co-penned by Wood and Eliseo Altunaga, the screenplay is inspired by a book by Angel Parra, Violeta Parra’s son. “Violeta” rolls Aug. 1.

Produced by Spain’s Arcadia Motions Pictures, Aiete Ariane Films and Bolivia’s Pegaso Producciones, “Blackthorn” reps the second directorial outing from Gil (“Nobody Knows Anybody”), Alejandro Amenabar regular co-scribe.

Toplining Sam Shepard, Eduardo Noriega, Stephen Rea and Magaly Solier, “Blackthorn,” an autumnal Western reprising the figure of an ageing Butch Cassidy, is sold internationally by Kevin Williams Associates.

Awarding grants, Ibermedia allocated $4 million in this first of two funding rounds for 2010. This year, Ibermedia will adjudicate a total $6.9 million, down from $7.8 million, owing in part to a weaker Euro.

Awardees include “La Demora” from Mexican auteur Rodrigo Pla (“La Zona”), produced by Mexico’s Lulu Producciones and Uruguay’s Malbicho Cine, and “La Muerte del animal,” to be directed by Colombia’s Victor Gaviria (“The Little Rose Seller”), teaming Colombia’s Filmico and Argentina’s Sudestada Cine.

Among other recipients: Sebastian Cordero will direct “Pescador,” which is set up at Ecuador’s Cinekolota and Colombia’s Contento Films; and Spain’s Castafiore Films and Argentina’s Haddock Films’ are joining forces on “Criminal,” from first-timer Miguel Cohan. Latido will handle “Criminal’s” international sales.

Remarkably, five Ecuador features receive aid in this first 2010 round, a sign of growing production vitality in the country.

In contrast, funding for Spanish pics fell, owing to new subsidy regs.

“Co-productions with Spain as a minority partner are decreasing. It’s a pity because these associations had outstanding results in the past,” said Elena Vilardell, Ibermedia technical secretary.

Also targeting development and training, Ibermedia co-prod’n coin per pic isn’t large — up to $200,000. However, this coin can decide whether a Latin American film gets made or not.