German fund boosts nine local pics

FFA gives $145,000 toward distribution costs

The German Federal Film Board (FFA) agreed on Friday to provide 106,000 ($145,000) for the distribution of nine German pics in foreign territories.

The Teuton film subsidy org’s German Films Service + Marketing’s distribution support program will use the coin to help such pics as “John Rabe” and “Alle Andere” in the U.S; “Die Jagd nach dem Schatz der Nibelungen” in China; “Lissi und der wilde Kaiser” and “Soul Kitchen” in Brazil; and “Mullewapp — Das grosse Kinoabenteuer der Freunde” and “Zweiohrkueken” in the Russia and former Soviet territories. Also getting support are “The White Ribbon” (Argentina, Russia, Baltics, Hong Kong/Macau) as well as “Desert Flower” (France).

Separately, the FFA also announced its board had approved a total of 2.2 milllion ($3 million) for supporting video distribution and marketing in Germany of 25 pics, including “Desert Flower” and “Cherry Blossoms.”