Harmony Korine is the third filmmaker to join the lineup of creatives aiming to finance movies via Cinema Reloaded, the crowd-funding initiative launched earlier this year by the Rotterdam Film Festival.

Cinema Reloaded aims to raise coin for its participating projects entirely via online contributions from the public, with €5 ($6.44) as the bottom threshold for investment. Korine’s film hopes to raise a budget of $38,000, while each of the other two projects, from Ho Yuhang and Alexis Dos Santos, targets $19,000.

Those numbers are adjusted down from the figures originally announced, when about $43,000 was the minimum filmmakers were expected to raise. Change in expectations has been made to reflect the initial response for the projects from Yuhang (“15Malaysia”) and Santos (“Unmade Beds”), who each launched fundraising efforts earlier this year. (Both have begun production with about 500 funders attached.)

All three filmmakers intend to bow their films at the 2011 Rotterdam fest, with each given until Dec. 31 to complete financing.