Channel 4 rolls with more ‘Skins’

Youth drama to recast for second time

LONDON — The high-profile, award-winning British teen TV drama “Skins” has been commissioned for another two series in Blighty.

Channel 4’s youth-skewed digital web, E4, has ordered a fifth and sixth season of “Skins,” which is being adapted by MTV for U.S. auds.

And for the second time in the show’s brief history — the program was launched in 2007 — the U.K. version of “Skins” will feature an entirely new cast in order to keep the action as fresh as possible.

The latest batch of “Skins” will continue to be made by U.K. shingles Company Pictures and Stormdog Films.

A team of rookie writers will pen the scripts overseen by the drama’s creators Bryan Elsley and Jamie Brittain.

The U.K. version of “Skins,” which prides itself on its edgy, social realism, has aired on BBC America.