John Turturro, who grew up in a non-stop musical household in Queens, is back on the Lido this year with documentary “Passione — A Music Adventure,” which delves into Neapolitan music as he continues to explore his family roots in Italy.

His docu “Rehearsal for a Sicilian Tragedy” screened in Venice last year.

Produced by Alessandra Acciai, Carlo Macchitella and Giorgio Magliulo, in collaboration with Cinecitta Luce and RAI Cinema, “Passione” is being sold internationally by Beta Cinema.

Don’t expect “a nostalgia film,” Turturro was quick to point out at the presser on Saturday, making it clear that “Passione” is far from a banal tribute to the pathos of classics such as “O sole mio” and “Volare.”

“I think that Neapolitan music is international because the culture of Naples is international,” he said.

The sound has evolved into vibrant forms of jazz, blues, rock and rap, fusing local sounds with many other influences.

“We hear the influences of Northern Africa, Spain, France and various other areas; and it’s very raw,” he said.

Turturro, who directed and performed in Edoardo De Filippo’s Neapolitan play “Questi fantasmi,” both in New York and Naples, said he recently tested “Passione” in New York “and the response was tremendous,” he boasted.

“It’s very important to get this film out to the public; especially the Latin (American) public throughout the world.”