Nicole Kidman, Robert De Niro, Aamir Khan and Catherine Deneuve are among dozens of stars expected to walk the red carpet in Toronto next month, along with scores of helmers including Robert Redford, Clint Eastwood, Danny Boyle and Kelly Reichardt.

The 35th annual Toronto Film Festival unveiled its guest list and final batch of 104 pics Tuesday, as well as the lineup for Mavericks, which screens “An Inconvenient Truth” helmer Davis Guggenheim’s latest, “Waiting for ‘Superman,'” followed by a panel discussion whose lineup includes Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

Larysa Kondracki’s political thriller “The Whistleblower,” starring Rachel Weisz as a U.N. peacekeeper, world preems in Special Presentations.

Contemporary World Cinema adds 45 titles, with Bent Hamer’s “Home for Christmas,” Hannes Holm’s “Behind Blue Skies,” Iciar Bollain’s “Even the Rain,” Peter Mullan’s “Neds” and John Gray’s “White Irish Drinkers” among the 15 world preems.

Masters rounds out its slate with 10 more, including the world preem of Amos Gitai’s “Roses a Credit” and the North American preems of Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s Palme d’Or winner “Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives,” Catherine Breillat’s “The Sleeping Beauty,” Jean-Luc Godard’s “Film Socialisme,” Lee Chang-dong’s “Poetry” and Ken Loach’s “Route Irish.”

Pics from new and emerging international directors fill 27 slots in Discovery, which includes 15 world preems, among them Max Winkler’s “Ceremony” (starring Uma Thurman), Daniel Hendler’s “Norberto’s Deadline” and Djo Tunda Wa Munga’s “Viva Riva!”

The cutting edge shines with 11 titles in Vanguard, including the world preem of Romain Gavras’ highly anticipated feature bow “Our Day Will Come,” starring Vincent Cassel.

Visions adds 10 slices of boundary-pushing cinema, including the world preem of Nanouk Leopold’s “Brownian Movement.”


(World preems)

  • “Home for Christmas,” Bent Hamer (Norway/Germany/Sweden)
  • “Behind Blue Skies,” Hannes Holm (Sweden)
  • “Even The Rain,” Iciar Bollain (Spain/France/Mexico)
  • The First Grader,” Justin Chadwick (I.K.)
  • “Neds,” Peter Mullan (U.K./France/Italy)
  • “White Irish Drinkers,” John Gray (U.S.)
  • “22nd of May,” Koen Mortier (Belgium)
  • “African United,” Deb Gardner-Paterson (U.K.)
  • “Blessed Events,” Isabelle Stever (Germany)
  • “The Edge,” Alexey Uchitel (Russia)
  • “Jucy,” Louise Alston (Australia)
  • Lapland Odyssey,” Dome Karukoski (Finland)
  • “Late Autumn,” Kim Teo-Yong (South Korea)
  • “Matariki” Michael Bennet (New Zealand)
  • “Tracker” Ian Sharp (U.K./New Zealand)

(CWC international preems)

  • “All About Love,” Ann Hui (Hong Kong/China)
  • “Anything You Want,” Achero Manas (Spain)
  • “Bad Faith,” Kritian Petri (Sweden)
  • “Break Up Club,” Barbara Wong (Hong Kong)
  • “I Am Slave” Gabriel Range (U.K.(
  • Mamma Gogo,” Fridrik Thor Fridriksson (Iceland)
  • “The Matchmaker” Avi Nesher (Israel)
  • “Sensation” Tom Hall (Ireland)
  • “State of Violence,” Khalo Matabane (South Africa/France)

(CWC North American preems)

  • “Meek’s Cutoff,” Kelly Reichardt (U.S.)
  • “Three,” Tom Tykwer (Germany)
  • “Aftershock,” Feng Xiaogang (China)
  • “Black Ocean,” Marion Hansel (Belgium/France/Germany)
  • “Carancho,” Pablo Trapero (Argentina/South Korea/France/Chile)
  • “Chico & Rita,” Fernando Truebo (Spain/U.K.)
  • Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame,” Tsui Hark (China)
  • “The Fourth Portrait,” Chung Mong-Hong (Taiwan)
  • How I Ended This Summer,” Alexei Popogrebsky (Russia)
  • “The Human Resources Manager,” Eran Riklis (Israel/Germany/France/Romania)
  • “The Hunter,” Rafi Pitts (Iran)
  • “Leap Year,” Michael Rowe (Mexico)
  • “Life, Above All,” Oliver Schmitz (South Africa/Germany)
  • “The Light Thief,” Aktan Arym Kubat (Kyrgyzstan/Germany/France/Netherlands)
  • “My Joy,” Sergei Loznitsa (Germany/Ukraine/Netherlands)
  • “Of Gods and Men,” Xavier Beauvois (France)
  • “Oki’s Movie,” Hong Sangsoo (South Korea)
  • “Outbound,” Bogdan George Apetri (Romania)
  • “The Solitude of Prime Numbers,” Saverio Constanzo (Italy)
  • “Tender Son-The Frankenstein Project,” Kornel Mundruczo (Hungary/Germany/Austria)
  • Silent Souls” Aleksei Fedorchenko (Russia)
  • “Womb,” Benedek Fliegauf (Germany/Hungary/France)


(World preems)

  • “Ceremony,” Max Winkler (U.S.)
  • “Viva Riva!,” Djo Tunda Wa Munga (Democratic Republic of Congo/France/Belgium/South Africa)
  • As If I Am Not There,” Juanita Wilson (Ireland/Macedonia/Sweden)
  • “Autumn,” Aamir Bashir (India)
  • “Beautiful Boy,” Shawn Ku (U.S.)
  • “The Call,” Stefano Pasetto (Italy/Argentina)
  • “Dirty Girl,” Abe Sylvia (U.S.)
  • “Girlfriend,” Justin Lerner(U.S.)
  • “Griff the Invisible,” Leon Ford (Australia)
  • “Half of Oscar,” Manuel Martin Cuenca (Spain/Cuba)
  • “Look, Stranger,” Arielle Javitch (U.S.)
  • “Marimbas From Hell,” Julio Hernandez Cordon (Guatamala/France/Mexico)
  • “The Piano in a Factory,” Zhang Meng (China)
  • “Soul of Sand,” Sidharth Srinivasan (India)
  • “Zephyr,” Belma Bas (Turkey)

(Discovery international and North American preems)

  • “Norberto’s Deadline,” Daniel Hendler (Uruguay/Argentina)
  • “ATTENBERG,” Athina Rachel Tsangiri (Greece)
  • “Blame,” Michael Henry (Australia)
  • “Inside America,” Barbara Eder (Austria)
  • “Mandoo,” Ebrahim Saeedi (Iraq)
  • “October,” Diego and Daniel Vega (Peru/Venezuela/Spain)
  • “Pinoy Sunday,” Wi Ding Ho (Taiwan)
  • “The Place In Between,” Sarah Bouyain (France/Burkino Faso)
  • Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale,” Jalmari Helander (Finland/Norway/Frasnce/Sweden)
  • “Sandcastle,” Boo Junfeng (Singapore)
  • Wasted On The Young,” Ben C. Lucas (Australia)
  • “What I Most Want,” Delfina Castagnino (Argentina)


(World preems)

  • “Our Day Will Come,” Romain Gavras
  • “A Horrible Way To Die,” Adam Wingard (U.S.)
  • “Microphone,” Ahmad Abdall (Egypt)

(International and North American preems)

  • “Monsters,” Gareth Edwards (U.K.)
  • “Kaboom,” Gregg Araki (U.S./France)
  • “L.A. Zombie” Bruce LaBruce (Germany/U.S./France)
  • “At Ellen’s Age,” Pia Marais (Germany)
  • “The Christening,” Marcin Wrona (Poland)
  • “Cold Fish,” Sion Sono (Japan)
  • “Confessions,” Tetsuya Nakashima (Japan)
  • “Easy Money,” Daniel Espinosa (Sweden)


  • “Brownian Movement,” Nanouk Leopold (Netherlands/Germany/Belgium)
  • “Promises Written in Water,” Vincent Gallo (U.S.)
  • “Moscow 11:19:31,” (Michael Nyman U.K.)
  • “Over Your Cities Your Grass Will Grow,” Sophie Fiennes (U.K./France/Netherlands)
  • The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu,” Andrei Ujica (Romania)
  • The Ditch,” Wang Bing (France/Belgium)
  • “The Four Times,” Michelangelo Frammartino (Italy/Germany/Switzerland)
  • “k.364 A Journey By Train,” Douglas Gordon (U.K.)
  • “Summer of Goliath,” Nicolas Pereda (Mexico/Netherlands/Canada)
  • “A Useful Life,” Federico Veiroj (Uruguay)