LONDON — “Glee” hits Russian screens next week when terrestrial network TNT launches a dubbed version of the Fox series.

Aimed at Russia high-school kids, the show launches Sept. 15 with a 3 p.m. airing.

TNT — which airs hit Russian shows aimed at a youth audience such as comedy series “Nasha Russia” and “Big Brother”-style reality show “House” — highlights the U.S. show’s theme of championing the underdog in its marketing campaign.

“When a Russian teenager is rejected by his fellows he goes home and switches on an Internet device…When schoolmates laugh at an American teenager they go and sing in a choir,” TNT’s marketing line runs.

The show will air in Russian as “Luzeri” — a Russification of the English for “losers.”

TNT will air 22 episodes from the first series; all characters will be dubbed but the songs will play in original (i.e. English) language.