One of the world’s few festivals devoted solely to the cinematographer’s art, Poland’s Plus Camerimage, is moving from its base of the last 10 years, Lodz, to a new venue in the city of Bydgoszcz — around 25 miles from Torun, where it was launched and ran for its first seven years.

The move has been prompted by failure of local authorities in Lodz to maintain financial support for the festival, which celebrates the work of directors of photography and has built up a strong professional following.

Lodz authorities had withdrawn their support for a new festival and congress center, designed by Frank Gehry, festival director Marek Zydowicz said.

Zydowicz said Bydgoszcz — a city of some 350,000 situated in northern Poland — had been chosen after analyzing more than a dozen venues.

The city’s Opera Nova, a modern facility on the banks of the Brda river, best suited the festival’s needs, with two stages, two auditoriums, and a skilled technical and administration staff.

“The facility with a nearby multiplex and high standard hotels, will allow us to gather all the festival events in one place,” Zydowicz said.

He added that “great support” from the city authorities and “advanced plans for the city’s development aimed at a cultural infrastructure, including Congress Center with 2,000 – 2,500 seats,” made Bydgoszcz the best choice.

The festival’s 18th edition will run Nov. 27-Dec. 4.