Blighty’s Elstree Studios has launched a campaign to keep an estimated £4 million ($6.3 million) in funds held by Screen East, the government-backed film agency that went bust earlier this month, in the region.

Following announcements that a conservator had been appointed to take Screen East into administration, the U.K. equivalent of Chapter 11, Elstree topper Roger Morris suggested that the fund could be run from Elstree, which is housing “Sherlock Holmes 2.”

He called on other studios and production companies to join forces to protect the fund money.

“This money has to be kept in the region,” Morris said. “If you take into account the match-funding it would draw, you’re looking at potentially losing around £12 million ($19 million) of production spend for the east of England.”

He added that in light of the recent announcement of the closure of the U.K. Film Council, protecting regional funds was paramount, particularly as funds from Screen East would provide “an essential bridge between the film world and the services needed to support it.”

A creditors meeting is due to take place on Oct. 5, following the announcement earlier this month that the regional agency would shutter after allegations that its finance manager stole money.