The Berlin Intl. Film Festival is revamping its German Cinema showcase, which is presented at the European Film Market.

As part of a new partnership between the Berlinale, the German Film Academy and promotional org German Films, the German Cinema section will now comprise the films that make the academy’s long list for the German Film Awards, also known as the Lolas.

Entitled German Cinema — Lola@Berlinale, the section will be expanded to include children’s films and documentaries in addition to features.

The films will each screen only once during the EFM for accredited national and international professionals as well as to members of the German Film Academy eligible to take part in the nomination.

While the change expands the section to include more films, it also limits it to just the films on the Academy’s long list, potentially ignoring popular box-office hits that fail to make the cut.

Heinz Badewitz, the long-standing director of the German Cinema section, will continue to host the series.

The Berlinale runs Feb. 10-20.