Kanbar Entertainment files suit against Weinstein

Producers of 'Hoodwinked' seek arbitration

The producers of the animated movie “Hoodwinked” claim that The Weinstein Co. breached its agreement when it postponed the Jan. 15 release date of a sequel.

In a petition filed with San Francisco County Superior Court, Kanbar Entertainment is seeking to force Weinstein into binding arbitration to resolve the dispute. The petition also claims that Weinstein stopped making contributions to monthly production accounts after February, 2009, and failed to consult them on the release strategy. Kanbar also says that Weinstein never responded to proposed changes to the sequel, even though Kanbar has “final authority on production decisions.”

A spokeswoman for The Weinstein Co. said the company had no comment.

Kanbar financed 100% of the production of “Hoodwinked, the True Story of Little Red Riding Hood,” which was released in North America by the The Weinstein Co. in 2005. According to the petition, Kanbar says that it was prepared to finance 100% of the sequel, called “Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil,” but at the urging of Weinstein, entered into a co-financing arrangement with the company.