For those who have been waiting for the list of celebrities, pseudo-celebrities and “Uh, who the hell is that(s)?” desperate enough to be featured in the upcoming edition of “Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew,” wait no longer.

And if you had guessed that there will be a Playboy Playmate among the participants, again, you win!

I know his fans (and believe it or not, they are legion) insist Dr. Drew Pinsky is an enormous humanitarian determined to help poor, down-trodden celebrities who might otherwise have to endure their personal struggles in private, but the whole sorry spectacle makes me feel the way Jeff Conaway looked throughout the show’s first season.

Actually, if you don’t get that joke, there’s probably still hope for you. Otherwise, this is pretty much the nadir of what VH1 calls the “celebreality” genre. Anyway, the third edition is due in 2010, and hopefully, my TiVo will have developed the AI capacity by that point to reject it, even if I feel professionally obligated to tune in.

Los Angeles, CA – June 1, 2009 – VH1 has once again partnered with Dr. Drew Pinsky for a third season of the hit reality series “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.”  The series, consisting of eight one-hour episodes, is slated to premiere in early 2010.

Similar to the first two cycles, the third season of “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew” will follow the real-life experiences of celebrity patients undergoing detoxification and treatment at The Pasadena Recovery Center.  The show will follow Mackenzie Phillips (One Day At A Time), Heidi Fleiss, Tom Sizemore, Dennis Rodman, Mindy McCready (Country Music Singer), Lisa D’Amato (ANTM), Mike Starr (Alice in Chains), Joey Kovar (Real World Hollywood) and Kari Ann Peniche (Playboy Playmate).

The series will chronicle the patients’ intensive 21-day program with both group and one-on-one therapy and non-traditional therapies like art and music.  Returning to the show to help Dr. Drew are drug counselor Bob Forrest and resident technician Shelly Sprague who have each spent years on both sides of the rehab fence.  Dr. Drew is also bringing in some additional prominent physicians to help him give the patients supplementary one-on-one care.