Republicans and “American Idol” viewers apparently have a lot in common. If they lose an election, they immediately insist that the results must have been influenced by massive voter fraud.

OK, I admit, that’s unfair to “American Idol.” But you wouldn’t know it from the faux controversy being ginned up regarding Kris Allen’s “victory” over Adam Lambert.

Inasmuch as “Idol” has never adhered to the “one man, one vote” ideal, I have a hard time taking questions about voting improprieties seriously. And of course, Fox cultivates doubt about the “fairness” of the process by treating its system as if it were the College of Cardinals. (The New York Times, by the way, has been responsible for igniting this latest mini-fracas with the headline “AT&T May Have Swayed ‘Idol’ Results,” proving yet again that whether or not the mainstream media is biased, it certainly has too much time on its hands.)

Although I understand that people become invested in who wins, the truth is once “Idol” reaches the last couple of contestants, everyone has a pretty good shot at a singing career that they wouldn’t have otherwise enjoyed. And isn’t that ultimately what the whole exercise is about? (See Chris Daughtry, Clay Aiken, etc.)

So I’m shedding just as many tears for Lambert as I am for John McCain and all those GOP crybabies who are still boo-hooing over a few doltish members of community group ACORN trying to register Mickey Mouse, as if that accounted for losing by 7 million votes.

Get over it, gang. Your guy didn’t win. And hey, look at the bright side: With both “Idol” and the midterm elections, we get to do it all again next year!