Does this mean I will no longer see a parade of picketers each time I walk down Wilshire Boulevard to Baja Fresh or Koo Koo Roo?

If they started negotiating right now, is there any chance that the Screen Actors Guild and studios will agree on a new deal by the time the just-ratified one has expired?

How long before A) the conspiracy theorists start demanding a recount, and B) Jon Voight finds a way to blame the whole thing on Obama?

Does the 78% “Yes” vote prove once and for all how representative blog comments are?

Given all the finger-pointing that both sides have had to endure, could someone please explain to me why somebody would want to run for office in this guild?

On a more serious note, I watched an elaborate demonstration today of the Windows Media Center — Microsoft’s latest innovation to govern the TV-viewing-on-your-PC experience — and I’m still utterly mystified about precisely where the future of new media is heading.

As the directors determined, the guilds weren’t going to get any more out of the studios this time around — especially in this financial environment. Given that — and the way the economic winds shifted against SAG as the talks dragged on — about all you can say to talent is to pray that the economic situation improves, and better luck next time.