Streisand books it

Taylor caught up on Twitter

NOW WE know! Barbra Streisand has written a book titled “A Passion for Design,” which focuses on her — well, her passion for design. Her taste, inspirations and collections of this’n’that. Barbra says, “I have always searched for beauty.”

Well, she certainly has done that in the process of perfecting her singing, acting and directing. And the main focus of this book will be the building of Barbra’s “dream house and refuge.” So you can expect to see her personal photographs of rooms she has decorated, furniture and art she has collected plus flowers and veggies cultivated in her lush gardens.

The book comes out next year from Viking. When the publisher’s VP, Clare Ferraro, saw this work, the culmination of Barbra’s vision, she says, “My jaw dropped.”

Hmmm, my jaw has been dropping for years, ever since I first saw Barbra on her opening night at the Bon Soir down on 8th Street in Greenwich Village, and uptown through her performance onstage in “I Can Get It for You Wholesale,” and after that her triumph as Fanny Brice in “Funny Girl” — and then, the movie years! And the rare, thrilling concert! I am so glad Barbra just goes on and on. She is a supreme talent. And I’m glad she now has her perfect “refuge.”

JANE FONDA’S play “33 Variations” has now closed, but she performed the final outings on a cane.

This was and wasn’t part of the character’s role. But Jane, whose character ages and grows fatally ill in the drama, did use a cane because of a bum knee.

“I was supposed to have a knee replacement last January,” she said. “When I accepted the play, I postponed the surgery and got cortisone shots.” The shots evidently stopped working, and audiences just thought Jane’s cane was a prop.

The 71-year-old actress will now reschedule her surgery for this month.

SHE MAY be out of sight a lot these days, but sitting at home, Elizabeth Taylor has become addicted to twittering. She is dashing off 140 character “tweets” on everything from legalizing gay marriage to her latest fragrance.

Of the latter, she says: “My company wants to call it ‘Violet Eyes.’ But I think that’s conceited. I want to call it ‘Follow Me.’ ”

When asked the color of her eyes, Elizabeth has always said: “They’re blue, but have a few red flecks. So, does that make them purple?”

IT’S ALWAYS fun to write something about a performer whom you actually know well, so I’ll take a personal moment to rave about my longtime pal, actress Holland Taylor.

Holland is 66 but looks maybe 30. She plays Charlie Sheen’s sexy Realtor mother in the CBS hit sitcom “Two and a Half Man” and has often provided the basis for the show’s most ravishing laughs. This season the writers have neglected her to their own detriment, in my opinion.

Holland will be joining Buck Henry, Haskell King and Lisa Ebersole this summer in the play “Mother,” to be seen in the East Village of NYC from July 8-Aug. 1.

The director is Andrew Grosso. She is also readying a one-woman play she is writing herself in which she’ll be reviving the spirit of the late Ann Richards, onetime governor of Texas.