Zinkia applies for stock market listing

Company looks to grow merchandising, licensing

MADRID — Spanish toon company Zinkia, creator of the multi-platform global brand “Pocoyo,” has filed for permission to list on Spain’s MAB Alternative Stock Market.

With this move, Zinkia aims to draw down coin to finance its consolidation abroad, especially in Asia, where it’s already set up a sales office in China.

According to Spanish press reports, Zinkia aims to pull down around Euros20 million ($27.8 million) from an MAB listing.

CGI pre-school TV series “Pocoyo” reps more than 80% of Zinkia’s revenues. It has been licensed to more than 100 countries, triggering a slew of merchandising, publishing and licensing deals.

Zinkia’s growth will mainly come from brand merchandising and licensing, not straight TV deals, said a consultant.

MAB is a trading platform, which is regulated by the Spanish stock market, CNMV. It targets small- and medium-sized non-listed companies that are looking for increased capitalization, liquidity, transparency or larger visibility among the investment community.

If Zinkia’s application is accepted by MAB, it will be the first company to join the bourse. A decision is expected to be announced within the next 10 days.