Upfront madness: Rumor central — “Gossip Girl” spinoff and “The Unit” live!

As the town awaits word from ABC on its official pickups — the calls are expected to come this evening or tomorrow morning — here’s some other chatter making the email rounds:

CW’s “Gossip Girl” spinoff — probably midseason.

CBS’ “The Unit” — No kidding, I hear it’s got a very good shot at coming back. Also “Cold Case,” but that one’s been expected for a while. “Unit’s” revival is a surprise.

Now for ABC’s picks — Our best intel at this hour is:

Comedies: “The Middle” (Patricia Heaton); “Cougar Town” (Courteney Cox); “The Law” (Cedric the Entertainer); maybe Kelsey Grammer’s “Hank” and a dark horse: the couples comedy from writer Jeff Strauss starring Leah Remini. And don’t forget the already picked up “Modern Family.” Alyssa Milano’s “Romantically Challenged” appears to have cooled off (which doesn’t mean it won’t heat back up again).

Dramas: “The Forgotten” (Bruckheimer); “Happy Town” (murder mystery); “Eastwick” (movie redo); “V” (midseason as an event mini); and maybe “Inside the Box” (TV news exec produced by Shonda Rhimes). And don’t forget the already picked up “Flash Forward.”