Sure, its website regularly links to stories on UFO sightings, penis amputations and nude celebs, but Prague’s TV Nova draws a line on joking about swine flu.

In an apparent effort to beef up its sometimes disputed reputation as a respected news source, Prague terrestrial TV Nova announced last week it had fired reporter Jiri Dlabajafor for posting a video, made at the station’s news offices, in which he and five colleagues made oinking noises in regard to the fatal swine flu epidemic. The other reporters also face disciplinary action.

Dlabajafor, for his part, says on his personal blog that he didn’t shoot the video on company time but during his coffee break. He also argues that firing is too stiff a penalty, adding that he may sue to see “how the Czech justice system is going to handle oinking.”

In the video, which has been uploaded to YouTube, reporters are seen oinking in response to the question “What are you working on?”