“Sons of Tucson” — First impressions

Sonsoftucsonbike (I emphasize that these are first impressions, not a full-fledged review nor a hit-or-miss prediction. Most pilots at this stage of the game are very much works in progress.)

Pros: Tyler Labine, an original premise

Cons: The fact that the combo of Tyler Labine and an original premise fail to deliver much in the way of laughs in the pilot.

“Sons of Tucson” is mildly entertaining (check out the clip posted below) but I kept waiting for a really big laugh that never came. Labine was an immediate standout in CW’s “Reaper.” He’s obviously talented and adept at Big Funny in a Jack Black-ish way. But the script never delivered.

The premise is au courant, with the three sons of a banker convicted for financial shenanigans sent cross country to live in a house that the father bought on the sly with cash when he was flush. The boys don’t want to be separated by going into foster care, so they use their wits to find a faux father in a schlubby schemer they encounter at a sporting goods store.

The moppets are all pretty good but their characters so far are two-dimensional. The middle brother is the brains of the operation, the older brother is rotund and kinda dopey, and the little brother is a wild-eyed miscreant.

On first viewing it almost feels like there’s too much going on in the pilot — particularly with the B-story about Labine’s Ron Snuffkin (two extra points for a great character name) desperate bid to raise cash to pay off a debt to a guy wielding a baseball bat, etc. Sonsoftucsontrio The real potential here seems to be comedic value of Labine’s somewhat involuntary induction into parenthood. Hopefully this is an area where all of these characters can be fleshed out. And deliver some laughs at the same time.