We’ve learned in the early days of President Obama‘s presidency that he has a thing for sitting down and talking to Steve Kroft on “60 Minutes.” And he made a bit of history for going on “The Tonight Show.”

But what TV show does he love to watch?

“Entourage,” the hip HBO comedy about the pressures and trials of an aspiring actor’s pursuit of fame in a too-cool Los Angeles. Of course, the show also includes over-the-top talent agent Ari Gold, who is based on Endeavor’s Ari Emanuel — brother of Obama’s chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs told the Politico’s Amie Parnes last week that the president liked “Entourage” so much that he even rearranged his schedule during the campaign so as not to miss an episode.

“A couple of times during the campaign, we would have these Sunday night calls at the same time as ‘Entourage,’ ” Gibbs said. “I remember one time I emailed him because the call was scheduled for the last 15 minutes of ‘Entourage’ and I said, ‘Just be late and we can just watch “Entourage” and still get on and do the call.’ ”

“And it worked,” Gibbs continued, laughing. “We got to see ‘Entourage.'”

Another Obama favorite, when it was on, was “The Wire”; Obama told a reporter last year he was fascinated by the character of Omar, the gay holdup man with a Robin Hood-esque code for living.

And there’s little doubt that the prez is obsessed with basketball coverage and ESPN’s “SportsCenter.”

What Obama doesn’t watch, Parnes reported, is much TV news, preferring to read the news instead, even with MSNBC now the cabler of choice in the West Wing (an ideological shift from the Fox News of the Bush years).

“Entourage” exec producer and creator Doug Ellin, who is repped by Endeavor, says he didn’t have any indication his show was the president’s must-see TV, but he received a flood of emails and messages making sure he saw the news — and traded a few messages with the real Ari.

“It’s pretty cool,” Ellin says. “It’s an amazing thing to wake up to, amazing to think about.”