Notional, a new production shingle from Barry Diller’s IAC, has unveiled its initial programming and development slate, which includes series at Food Network and HGTV.

Launched this summer as an outgrowth of IAC’s CollegeHumor.com website, Notional plans to produce programming for TV as well as the Internet.

Projects already on the air include Food Network’s “Chopped,” a cooking competish hosted by Ted Allen, and HGTV’s home makeover show “Don’t Sweat It.”

Both shows were originally produced by City Lights TV, which Dave Noll ran before moving to Notional as the shingle’s president of TV.

Projects moved to Notional along with Noll. He is working on the fourth and fifth seasons of “Chopped,” as well as the ninth season of “Don’t Sweat It.”

In partnering with CollegeHumor.com topper Ricky Van Veen, who now serves as CEO as Notional, Noll said he’s looking to merge the attributes of producing for TV and the Web.

“The goal is to take the creation and production of the best web content and TV content and figure out how to smash those two things together,” Noll said. “Our goal is to create content where the hook is fresh and easily understood in 10 seconds or less.”

New projects include the hidden-camera show “Ready, Set, Dance,” which takes people who have posted their dance moves online and forces them to start dancing on the fly for a cash prize.

Notional will pitch “Ready, Set, Dance” to networks in the coming weeks.

Among other projects, “Chase the Money,” is in pre-production, while “You vs. America” will use the Internet to audition contestants — narrowing them down until the best players are flown into the studio to compete for a prize.

“Love Taxi,” is a dating show that takes place in a cab. Series was originally produced for FLN, but with that network morphing into a cooking channel, Notional is looking for a new home. FremantleMedia is also selling the format internationally.

Noll said he’s also looking to collaborate with Ben Silverman, who recently launched his own banner, Electus, under the IAC umbrella.

“Barry Diller is as involved with Notional as he is with all the companies,” Noll said. “And when it comes to Ben, we hope to utilize his contacts and his experience however and wherever we can. The way I’m looking at it, we’re sister companies.”