Michael Ross: “All in the Family” alum was well loved

Writer-producer Michael Ross, a name that I recognized from great “All in the Family” segs as well as “The Jeffersons” and “Three’s Company,” was in the obituary section of the L.A. Times this morning. He died Tuesday at the age of 89.

Being a regular reader of the Times’ paid obits, I couldn’t help but notice the item taken out for Ross that was written, with obvious love and appreciation, by his comedy writer pals Paul Wayne and George Burditt.

The man born Isidore Rovinsky in New York in 1919 — a full-fledged member of the Greatest Generation who served as a B-17 bomber pilot during the WWII — must’ve been a helluva good guy. It sure comes through in Wayne and Burditt’s copy. (Click here for the link.)

Mick was a non-believer. But just in case there is Something, we can’t help but envy the Angels for acquiring a man of talent and integrity; also, if the Bible is any true indication the occupants in Paradise are in need of a good lesson in joke construction and comedy-timing, and Mickey will be arriving not a moment too soon; and furthermore we trust that with any luck our Mick will find, regain and embrace some semblance of his original true given name.