“Lost”: “The Incident, Parts 1 and 2” — Take two


OK, picking up where I left off in the wee hours of Thursday out of sheer exhaustion and from thinking so much about what transpired in Wednesday night’s Lost finale…

Clearly, one of the big questions we’re left to chew on is this “loophole” business and how it affected the corporeal John Locke. Or New-bad Locke as we’ve taken to calling him. (Round of applause here for Terry O’Quinn and Michael Emerson’s fanastic work in this seg.)

Clearly, we need to figure out why there was such bad blood between Jacob and the other guy with the salt-and-pepper beard that he was verbally sparring with in the Lost5incidentjacob opening sequence. The other dude’s promise that he would “find a loophole” to come back and do bodily harm to Jacob kicked things off on a nasty and oh-so-mysterious note. Are we to presume that salt-and-pepper is the guy who’s inhabiting Locke’s body?

 And what the heck was the time period ofthat opening segment? Jacob and Angry Guy were speaking in contempo argot but the presence of a clipper ship (similar to the ship in the bottle Richard was building in last week’s ep) and the full-bodied statue certainly hinted at Black Rock era of the late 1800s (I think?).

Even more tantalizing was the other guy’s Jacob’s comment about how “they come, they fight, they destroy, they corrupt — it always ends the same” as he looks out on the ship. So we’re to assume that motley crews have been arriving on the island for a long time? That would explain a lot, I suppose.

Cleary, we still need to figure out the Richard (Ricardos) connection in all this. And the Ben connection to Richard. I still can’t shake the feeling that they are still working together despite everything that’s gone down — and Ben’s promise to his vision of Alex a few episodes back.Lost5incidentfire

Clearly, I need to watch the episode again to formulate anything like a coherent analysis of what we learned last night and where we’re going in season six. Until then, let’s review the great moments:

No. 1: The long scene with Jack and Sawyer in the jungle. First they communicated with each other like never before — Sawyer opening up about his childhood, Jack expressing his love for Kate and regret for losing her — and then they fought like never before. Chopsocky in the jungle! If it’s a “Lost” finale, then somebody’s getting beaten to a bloody pulp, but this one is by far a record for bloodied heads.