“Lost”: No. 1 in online viewing, but “Privileged” has its fans too

Lost5sawyear Here’s a news flash: Lost is a hit online. But so is CW’s “Privileged.”

For the first time, Nielsen Online has released rankings for online streaming of episodes and clips.
“Lost” tops the chart for the month of December with 1.4 million unique viewers, followed by NBC’s Saturday Night Live with 1.1 million.

By the yardstick of the total time viewers spent with a show online, the surprise leader in December was CW’s “Privileged.” The rating-challenged dramedy drew only 29,000 unique viewers, but those that did tune in stuck around for an average of 214.6 minutes.

There’s a big caveat to these rankings, however, in that they don’t include shows streamed via Hulu because Hulu won’t breakout its numbers to Nielsen (at least if I’m reading Nielsen-ese right. A Nielsen Online rep would only say that Hulu is “not available in our syndication service.”)

Nielsen’s survey includes the websites of Hulu partners NBC and Fox, as well as ABC, CBS and CW. But by all accounts, Hulu’s vid streaming traffic has outpaced that of the Peacock and Fox nets’ individual websites. The survey captures clips that are embedded on other websites and blogs, as long as the streams come from the network’s proprietary player (but not Hulu’s player).