“Lost” finale fever: ‘It’s just progress’

Finally had the chance to watch the “Lost” finale again. What a treat for the eyes, ears and brain. I wish I was more of a Biblical scholar to decipher some of the allegory at work with Jacob et al. It’s like a stew of Biblical references, C.S. Lewis, Ionesco and a little Stephen King thrown in for chilling effect.

The opening sequence, which was so confounding on the first viewing, makes a lot more sense once you’ve seen the two hours. But its significance is so weighty — it seems to be a road map to the dynamic of next season — that I couldn’t help but want to transcribe it for further study. And a shout-out is due to Mark Pellegrino (Jacob) and Titus Welliver (man in black).

We open on Jacob in a white flowing shirt and sandals, working at a loom in his under-the-statue digs. He’s working on the hieroglyphics tapestry that we will see later in the seg.

Cut to outside on the shore, where Jacob wades into the water to grab a fish out of a handmade basket. He guts it and cooks it on rocks heated by a campfire. He puts his cooked hunk of fish on a big leaf, sits down on the sand and gazes out at a clipper ship on the horizon.

Up walks a bearded man in a black flowing shirt.

“Morning,” the man in black says.